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After receiving a non-renewal notice from Safeco late last year (2023), I contacted my insurance broker.

They were very limited in the companies they could request a policy from, didn't explain what was happening other than saying that all their insurers denied me coverage, and pushed me toward the CA Fair Plan. 


The reason for the non-renewal: my property is in a location that is considered too densely concentrated!

To Organize 

-New insurance rep, what is ‘proactive’?

-I have never filed a claim.

-Changed insurance recently

-Did not have bundled insurance.

-No mortgage

-State has been mandating density (ie ADUs) while insurance companies are not on board and are giving that exact reason for non-renewal.

-Core Logic,, and or other mapping risk score tools,

Can property owners request?

Amico Insurance, my agent says they may be one of the few writing policies in California right now. 

Amy Bach/UP [] no response, more for distributing information, not one-on-one attention.

Ten things to know about fire insurance

CA Insurance Commission List of Insurers  

List Here

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